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Wow, people actually read this page? Welcome!

I am Elizabeth, the brains behind this blog. Hello! ūüôā

Get To Know Me

I am a 24 year old student, currently studying Mathematical Sciences at Nanyang Technological University. Other than eating and cooking, I like mathematics (duh), programming, music, philosophy, and cats (my family has two!).

What This Blog Is About

Coming up with easy and efficient recipes has become a little obsession¬†of mine. As much as I love cooking, I’m usually too busy¬†or tired to cook. Not everyone¬†has¬†the time to spend two hours in the kitchen every day. Plus,¬†I’m cooking for one (that is, ahem, myself).

Is it really worth all the effort?

I didn’t¬†think so.

Still, I didn’t really want to give up cooking since you get a lot of benefits out of it, you know, like the ability to control your portion sizes and ingredients as well as spending less on food.

So I started finding easier ways to do things.

I started focusing on ingredients that provide substantial flavour or texture and are easy to find or prepare, and removing or replacing those that are difficult or time-consuming to deal with.

I simplified methods – if two steps can be done in one, then why do it in two steps?!

With my recipes, you get all the benefits of cooking at home without having to compromise excessive time and energy. Most recipes here can be easily stored and reassembled for future meals, so it is truly perfect for the modern man (or woman!) with a busy lifestyle.

Living alone? You are not doomed to instant noodles and takeaway meals.

No fancy kitchen equipment? No problem. (Dirty little secret here – I don’t even own a food processor!)¬†

You can most definitely whip up healthy, tasty meals at home with minimal effort. Cooking for one or two persons couldn’t be easier now.

Give my recipes a shot, and let me know what you think ūüôā

Have fun!

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